News / #FutureFriday features Smiso Magcaba from Elangeni TVET College

#FutureFriday features Smiso Magcaba from Elangeni TVET College

By TVET Website

Date: 08/10/2021

Happy #FutureFriday everyone!

On this #FutureFriday we are proud to celebrate Smiso Magcaba, a Motor Mechanics graduate from Elangeni TVET College.

Growing up, Magcaba was fascinated by the motoring industry, with a keen eye for automobiles and engines. He was so passionate about following his dream career path that he asked his parents to transfer him to an area where studying Mechanical Engineering was offered at college level. He ended up at Elangeni TVET College, where he studied Mechanical Engineering, with a focus on Automotive Studies (Motor Mechanics). After graduating, Magcaba was awarded a 12-month internship through a partnership between Elangeni TVET College and SMG Toyota Hillcrest, as a result of the Competency Based Modular Training Apprenticeship Program that was granted to the College’s Business Unit by MerSETA.

For Magcaba, motor mechanics is not just a job but a calling. He began his workplace experience in January 2021, during the pandemic, and will be required to undergo another 12-months of training at a trade centre. Magcaba performs a range of duties as a motor mechanic, such as ordering new vehicle components, replacing broken parts, inspecting wheel alignment and tyres, engine tuning, oil checking, and running computerised diagnostic checks on vehicles to ensure that everything is working properly. He explained that he does his best every day, “I focus on maintaining my composure while working under pressure. I even go to the extent of turning my cellphone off during working hours to ensure I am not distracted by unnecessary conversations”. Magcaba is cautious to ensure he doesn’t overlook anything when maintaining a vehicle, as even a single error can have catastrophic consequences. And he’s learning fast. "I am able to service any Toyota vehicles on my own. In addition, I am able to change linings in 4x2 and 4x4 vehicles, balance wheels, change clutches, and work on front and rear brakes” he explained.

The 23-year-old identifies himself as a goal-oriented person especially during his studies at Elangeni TVET College, as he was always on time for class and spent additional time at the library. In fact, his current position as an "appi" (apprentice) at SMG Hillcrest Toyota bears testament to his dedication to mastering his job when he was nicknamed ‘quick learner’ by his colleagues. He goes on to say that positive thinking, self-motivation, honesty and loyalty are his best qualities. He added, “To be a mechanic, you need to be active, self-sufficient, and a strong team player. When given instructions, you must be able to follow them. Under pressure, you must be able to perform well. Above all else, you need to be on time and disciplined”.

Magcaba says that he owes a debt of gratitude to Elangeni TVET College for providing him with the information and experience he needed to succeed in the engineering sector with his Campus Manager Mpilenhle Zungu, being a source of pride and support for him.

SMG Toyota Hillcrest recently employed Magcaba on a permanent basis as a result of his outstanding performance. Magcaba hopes to someday give back by partnering with Elangeni TVET College at the Automotive Workshop at the KwaDabeka Campus to lecture students

Smiso Magcaba with Elsa Mollentza, the After Sales Service Manager at SMG Toyota Hillcrest, and Thabani Sibiya from Elangeni TVET College.

Smiso Magcaba hard at work at the SMG Toyota Hillcrest Workshop.

Smiso Cedric Magcaba pictured on site in the SMG Toyota Hillcrest Workshop.