About TVET / Private Colleges

Registering a Private College

Private Colleges are operated under the prescriptions of Chapter 6 of the Continuing Education and Training Act 16 of 2006.  The Director-General of the Department of Higher Education and Training (or his designate) is the Registrar of private colleges.

No person other than a public college or an organ of state may provide technical vocational education and training unless registered or recognised as a juristic person in terms of the Companies Act or registered or provisionally registered as a private college in terms of the aforementioned Act (16 of 2006).

An application for registration as a private college must be made to the Registrar in the manner determined by the Registrar and must be accompanied by the prescribed fee.  For all relevant documentation: 
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Act 16 of 2006 also determines the requirements for registration, the application process and the certification of registration process.

Studying at a Private College

Cautionary: There are many excellent private Colleges, but from time to time, persons with fraudulent intentions may attempt to operate a private College illegally.  The onus is on the public to ensure that the college is legitimate and above board.  It is therefore advisable, if in any doubt, to check the credentials of a private College before registering or paying any fees.

You may telephone the DHET Helpline to verify a college on 0800 872 2222 or download the list by clicking here.